In Layers Of Our Time

The fall of the leaves

The lighting of sun’s fire

The walk within the forest

that I do so desire

They bring back many memories

of what was for so long

in time that will never return

with family and friend now gone


We had our winsome moments

around this time of change

in years that will never return

and this year it feels so strange

to reflect on what I had

with many who are now dead

laid to rest just like the leaves

that decay on forest bed


I took a walk yesterday

through autumn color and sound

amazed by what what was seen

and all emotion found

The life was crisp and silent

as I looked into its soul

A place that was familiar

A place I once did know

with the ones now under fallen leaves

that now cover where they reside

in a hole within the ground

with no soul of their own inside


It humbled me to notice

the beauty and sorrow

as well as the inevitable silence

that we all will someday know

It brought me tears of joy

and tears of grief still there

within my time in nature

in the autumn’s silent air






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