The Foundering

Your said that to yourself yesterday, did you not?

That truth that is, again, the lie?

You’d promised yourself, and God, that you would not break,

but your chance to prove it passed by.

You said to yourself it would all end.

Repentance is what you labeled your aim.

But look at you — back it the same boat.

The same sinful act and shame.

Not as strong as you had thought you were,

and now you are really distressed.

All day, within your guilty seat

and the nights that bring no rest.

Time for the flogging to commence

with the invisible whip and chain.

Hitting yourself where it hurts the most;

you think God enjoys your pain.

Using those devices of torture you believe the God of love provides

for when you struggle and lose,

while claiming that Christ removed all sin,

but in failure, you can’t refuse.

You’ll beat yourself to ribbons

and love the scars it leaves.

It makes you feel like a little god

when your plan of satisfaction succeeds.

It provides a sacrificial offering

placed before His Holy feet.

It places you next to God

in your own little royal seat.

The flogging was a success, you say,

but then you find, again,

yourself in that golden seat of royalty

with the same shameful act of sin.


You’ve have failed, you pathetic man!

Is this the way you think

the God of love is looking at you

when sin is on the brink?

When you promise not to do it again,

but fail, and fail again?

I do too — I’m human too,

but I won’t let this way win.

I see the Christ and His words,

“IT IS FINISHED”, and I’ve relied

on the promise God had made for me

when He was flogged, crucified and died.

I’ll look to that Holy truth

when I fail at being me.

I’ll look to Him to open my eyes

if I fail continually.

I won’t let men within this world,

or the inner voice that lies,

tell me I am a failure

when failure does arise.








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