Now, Class…

Why do we try to figure God out?

The question had crossed my mind this morning as I was resting in my Saturday recliner.

There has been a few conversations and articles I have read that have raised the question, and I have been thinking deeply about what drives the mind to “understand” the true nature of God.

So, what is it?

Is it the desire of the heart to seek His true way? Is it man’s fear? Is it to become something more to the world; someone useful? Is it just that we, as His children, are supposed to seek His truths with every waking hour? Is it because our families simply paved the way for the way we are to think and act? The list goes on.

But, my question mainly (rhetorically speaking) is why do so many dig so deeply — passionately trying to understand that (or as the Bible translates as, “He”) which can never be understood?

I think it is a huge burden to one’s self to go to that extreme.

I read my Bible (actually, several different ones) and always end up with the same conclusion: we really do have to have childlike faith.

A child just doesn’t understand the many ways of the life they lead. They just rely on the few learned and comprehensible behaviors, and greatly upon their guardians. It seems to me that faith should just be that simple, no matter how mature or well learned someone becomes.

After all, no matter how much you think you know about God, you really know very little, just like the child.

The ongoing pride as one begins to grow into the “learned” man is what I believe is the demise of self. It tears away at the simplicity of knowing God by having that childlike faith, replacing it with the pride that I believe Lucifer must have began to experience at some point.

To be clear, I am not talking about childish faith here. I do believe we have to grow in His ways and Word, but the ongoing is unique to all. To tell anyone that they are “incorrect” in their personal walk is how the man — not child — would look upon the beloved person God created. Unfortunately, I continuously find that far too many of His people are religiously biased and blatantly judgmental, and they use their (beaten into the ground and broken off personal understanding of something barely understood) head knowledge to berate the, “lesser”. Their head knowledge is a proclamation (to themselves) as one in the same as heart knowledge, but to many like myself, it comes across as pretty hurtful, as well as shameful.

Who are we to look down upon those who claim to love God and do not worship as we see fit?

I will continue to think about these things. It is just an ongoing predicament that has me wondering why so many are out in the world giving their “right way” views to those who are capable of being led by Holy Spirit and His relationship with each one of them.

Too many chiefs and not enough indians.

The chief that should be the true guardian of the little indian children is the Lord. Not all of the men claiming they are what people need above His true Spirit within them.

8 thoughts on “Now, Class…

  1. Question Damon, why do you think Jesus instructed Peter to feed His sheep? And why did Paul have to take Peter to task for siding with the Jews as per Galatians 2:11-21? Curious how that fits in with your overview of the Holy Spirit guiding both Peter and Paul with regard to practising their faith. I understand the simplicity aspect of faith but there is also a requirement to discern valid doctrine and invalid doctrine pertaining to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a danger of oversimplifying simplification by using broad strokes for everything. Balance is necessary and required. And no, it isn’t easy. Blessings brother.


  2. Did I hit a nerve, Bruce?
    So are you correctly guiding the sheep by saying that your way of discerning is right, and everyone else’s is not? You use the NIV, correct?
    It’s not even close, in many aspects, to the KJV. But, I digress.
    Sure, pastors should tend to the flock, but the flock must also see that their pastors are Spirit led. They need to know Him just as much as the leader. There are so many leaders that have one part, spot-on correct within their “discernment”, and the next pastor believes they are correct with a totally different discernment. As I read your articles, you are at constant war.
    Peter fed His sheep, most likely with great precision, because of his direct experience with Jesus. I don’t know enough about it to say much more. The thing I am driving home within my article is to have mercy — as God does — on the ignorant and unlearned. Spiritual meat comes after the milk, and it varies (with God’s reason, I believe) for all of His. Blessings.


  3. Hi Damon, I’m smiling and no you didn’t hit a nerve, and I am aware of the shortfalls of the NIV. This comment caught me by surprise though, “As I read your articles, you are at constant war.” Actually I’m trying to maintain that balance of being as cunning or wise as a serpent and as innocent or harmless as a dove that Jesus spoke about.(Matt 10:16). Sorry if it doesn’t always come across in that way. With regard to having mercy on the ignorant and unlearned, couldn’t agree more. Enjoy your weekend! Blessings!

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  4. The Jews use something that is called Midrash to explore scripture. It is a way of challenging each other on their interpretation. It is understood that each is just an opinion but each one causes opening of minds and thoughts. We can’t parse God. The Bible, no matter which version, has been written and translated by humans and we are flawed. I will never try to tell someone else that their way is wrong or that my way is right. We have to leave things up to God and keep trying to follow his path as best we can.

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  5. I bet you struck a few nerves with this Truth.
    There’s only one Man who holds all Truth, His name is Jesus Christ. All Truth is contained IN Jesus Christ, and He has shared some of His Truths with many people, but no other man holds all Truth. It’s best to listen to what many men think, not just those we agree with that we may glean some Truths.
    You are absolutely on point with this blog entry. Much like in Jesus’ day, there’s no shortage of religious people who believe their interpretation of a book is absolute Truth.
    They came against Jesus so don’t be surprised if they come up against you. They will try their best to bind you to a book and follow their religion.
    Thanks be to Jesus Christ that we need not another man to teach us, but that’s not say we cannot learn from others.
    You have equal access to Jesus Christ as any other man, including the apostles, your salvation is your responsibility, don’t ever entrust anyone else with it.
    May The Grace of Jesus continue to guide you.

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