Remember Me

When I saw you in the face of the man from the mountains,

with his joy that you had provided,

I was amazed by the simplicity of his view

and why he was delighted.

I was enjoying a breakfast and writing the words —

a reflection of the surrounding days

when he stopped and said, “I’m good, great and faaaaantastic!!”

A simple man, elated by your ways.

It made me think of a promise you had made

when you walked on earthly ground.

You said that whosoever believeth in you shall not perish but have everlasting life,

and I knew what this man had found.

He had found your resounding glory,

for the look within his eye

was that of jubilation

while placing you on high.

He showed me the honest truth:

All that believe, may come.

They will spend their eternal life

in a place not like this one.

The mountains were gorgeous last November

and we praised you for your land.

It was painted with the rusty colors

crafted with your exquisite hand.

But, the true beauty was in the heart

of the mountain man I had met

and the nature of the simplistic joy you had put there, my Lord,

it’s a memory I won’t forget.

I praise you for the beauty

not found in time or space,

but that found in you alone, my Lord,

and the Spirit he and I embrace.

We have a different walk; a different life,

but one thing is same.

We praise you for your saving grace

found within His holy name.

Oh Lord, thank you for your Son,

and all things created through Him.

Thank you for this life, my Lord,

and your sacrifice for all sin.

You made the mountains move for us

in many more ways than one

when we experienced life within them last year,

through a man, the land and sun.

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