What if there were no boundaries?

No dividing lines between?

No two points of reference?

No obscurities to be seen?


What if we never lived in emotion?

No driving force of fear?

Not clouded by the worried mind

that impairs what we see and hear?


What if we were simply a part of His space?

The space we fill with this and that?

Would we find within the emptiness

the essence of God we lack?


What if we had no shelters;

those things we shroud ourselves in?

Would we be one with the space with no boundary?

Would we understand the void within?


What if the emptiness of space had nothing?

No planets, no elements, no light?

Would we even battle over understanding

what is wrong or what is right?


Would all these things that limit us, unbind?

Would we simply be a soul?

Would we never have parted from the Creator?

Would we ever have wanted to know?


What if we only knew the answer to the question:

“What is going on here?”

Would we quit asking for a direction?

Would we stop wrestling the inner fear?

Would we know as we may have before arriving,

or, as after “life” here ends?

Would we simply just love the manifested

that only our Creator comprehends?



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