The peace one can find

when not bombarded and worried

When the body is easy

When the mind is not hurried


A quiet eve by the fire

A glass in hand

Beautiful music on low

so moving and grand


A day with a friend

catching up on what has come

Two separate lives

in the moment as one


A hug from your child

for no reason at all

with that look in her eye

reminding you why you’ve stood tall


Getting ahold of yourself

when the thought comes around

The victory you’ve achieved

not broken and bound


A second of serenity

in a season of pain

The comfort of Christ

is how you maintain


One day at a time

or perhaps minute to minute

can be filled with peace

when accepting what comes with it


We have the choice to prevail

We have consequences for actions

We have His way or our own

We have our frustrations and distractions

We have a loving God to guide us

through the thick and the thin

and we can rest assured through it all

when finding peace in Him







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