My Lord, My Friend

Rest assured

when facing a trial

that God is with you

even while

the people aren’t there

when you need them most

The one’s who’d promised

would rather host

their own importance

Entertaining ego

They never call or stop in

They have reasons you know

But God is there always

and He knows all the pain

that you’ve carried along

as you’ve received their disdain

He finds the heart broken

and knows how it feels

to be rejected

for just being real

He can whisper correction

with the most loving voice

if you listen to Him

but that is your choice

He can mend what is broken

and remove all the mess

that clutters the mind

keeping you from your best

People may walk

away from your truth

The person you are

They wait for the proof

that you are now better

before they come back

not seeing the things

that they also lack

But take heed and do realize

that people are broken

Don’t listen to opinions

those words that are spoken

Listen to Him

conscience voice from within

when the world won’t listen

When it doesn’t matter to them

He is the guide

to lasting joy and true rest

He is a friend to the broken

and He knows what is best

When the world has other plans

while you are so weak

Find refuge in Christ

and the words He will speak







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