I’m Losing Faith…

…no, not in the Lord.

I’m losing my faith in men

as they drum up continuous discord.

They all claim, “absolute truth”.

Twisted flesh interpreting Word.

“Look at my way — ignore your own,

for your way is absurd!!”

The temple of stone erected,

with label and fable within.

No room for arguments of meaning,

just ranks and imperious men.

They leave a lasting impression

not fit for swine in mud.

They glorify their self-importance

as the sheep gladly shed their blood.

“Follow me, for I’ll get you to Christ —

I am the way, you see.

You need to serve our master

by giving your all to me!”

The teachers are a plenty,

for millions are around.

Just like divisions among the Church —

many thousands can be found!!

No, I’m not faithful to the fallen;

men and women who claim their ace.

They exalt themselves with degrees

they’ve earned in worldly place.

Where is the voice of God

available to every man?

Did the Church dissolve when taken

by Constantine’s Roman hand?

Flesh weaved the folly of current.

Men now serve men and self.

Holy Spirit has no dominion.

Hierarchy not lacking stealth!

“Sit in the back, I say, dear Jesus,

for this is the way we do.

Your services are secondary,

but oh, how we love you!”

6 thoughts on “I’m Losing Faith…

  1. “They pontificate from the pulpit, speaking platitudes” I heard a wise man speak this, the words pontificate and platitude I had heard but really never considered looking up the definition of these words. I’m rolling through life on a 9th grade education and a strong back by the Grace of Jesus.
    After hearing his statement, i had to look up those definitions. I then realized why I was drawn to this mans words. He spoke profound Truths.
    Your poem here also speaks Truth.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Much Peace and Love to you and yours.

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  2. You’re welcome, Stephen. Yes, it took me a while to understand what you have quoted. I saw this same — but different — truth within the church in the latter days of religion. It was through the intimate relationship with the living God that I realized how men are still exalting themselves before the Lord. It sure is a disgrace to see and hear what the so-called, “men of God” are doing in the local establishments.
    Blessings, peace and love to you and your family as well, brother.


  3. This is nothing new. It happened in Acts and the gospels. Paul talks about it in his letters. Yet that does not mean all men are false or corrupt or that organized churches are false or corrupt. Each may have some faults, and some may be false but not all. And no one should put complete trust in man. Man can fail and make mistakes, even innocently not realizing his mistakes.


  4. So true. Everyone has an opinion, an interpretation, a way of looking at things and that is OK. The problem is when we are forced to accept those views of others as our own-when we are ridiculed if we see things differently. Seems the typical way of religion is to ignore the Spirit of God within us and listen to human beings who supposedly have been better trained at hearing from God. The focus in church is top down hierarchy, a middle man or woman. They say those of us without training and authority cannot be trusted to hear and understand the Spirit for ourselves. That is one of the reasons my wife and I finally left the system to walk with God outside the walls of religion and institutional church. Thanks for sharing.

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