Never Figured

All day is the wonder

of God and His way.

Some long for direction

in each changing day.

They search for the answer

in a version they like.

They called it inerrant,

although words not alike.

They claim word of today

same as written before.

They say the hundreds of divisions

all lead to The Door.

They all lead to The Vine

(whose death finalized)

yet, divisions among His

berate and chastise.

Are they of Appolos, of Cephas or Paul?

Or are they of Christ, who ended it all?

One has to wonder

if divides are of grace.

One has to decide

if they practice false ways.

Truth is just Jesus

He said so Himself.

Why do men complicate?

Arrogance has its wealth.

I see no unity…?

A house in itself, divided??

So why do they claim

that we’re all united?

Men want their say

in the mystery at hand.

They want the Christ who saved the world…

Yet, they divide His man.

One thought on “Never Figured

  1. Yes, the multitude of translations, paraphrased and commentaries are helpful when one wants to justify themselves or their doctrine. It’s called manipulation and it’s as the sin of witchcraft. People believe that witchcraft involves an old lady with a big nose and green complexion stirring a big ol cauldron. Not the case at all.
    One thing is for certain, when we stand before The Word of God, we will not be able to manipulate Jesus no matter which translation we quote.

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