In the middle of our season

we wonder what and why

We toil within our efforts

not pleased with how we try

Something could’ve been better

than the way we gave our all

The decision at the time

was the only way we saw

Regret and hurt is hanging

over the head of human way

We start to judge ourselves

over the choice of yesterday

But like the leaves of Autumn

decaying memories must fall to ground

They must turn to dust one day

with no evidence to be found

This makes room for the coming season

where new growth will take its place

The budding wisdom upon our branches

we expect with urgent haste

We must be patient within our season

for everything has its time

The example can be witnessed

in seasons of His design

The sturdy rises to the sky

– A splendor nourished by decay

learning from the things that made its ground

in another season in another day

Its ground is made of memories

and things that are no more

They nourish the tree of wisdom

where growth took place before

in a time when all we had

was the decision that we made

The choice that left us uneasy

The game with self we played

We have to let it go

and let the time be healed

like the falling leaf that withers

New life can be revealed

When the decay gives way to nourish

the developing way of new

we learn to embrace our season

We can accept what we once grew

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