Broken Crowns

It seems as if most Christians are always trying to correct someone. This morning, I am just going to share my thoughts and feelings on the matter. Take what you will from it.

Like myself, many people do not like to be told what they should do. We have to remember: we are not the other person. We have not seen through their eyes, been where they have been, developed and processed the life they have experienced, and so on. Yes, I get the fact that Christians are called to show His Word to the world while correcting, rebuking and encouraging fellow believers, but the way these things are executed is a huge problem. I get a full example within the community of bloggers, as well as the organized church.

Authority. I sometimes wonder what the word means to the believer?

It often seems as though the very nature of the word is abused within the Christian body. Intermingling with the many different emotions, feelings, inadequacies and adequacies that make up an individual delivering a correction, as well as the inevitable need to be heard — all contribute to the way correction is delivered. Many times, one’s delivery becomes a subtle abuse not seen or realized.

I see a lot of that subtle abuse.

I had a brief discussion with a Catholic over their choice of placing the Pope before the high priesthood of Jesus (which didn’t go over well), and, just like a few experiences I’ve had before, authority was the bottom line. He gave me the classic, “…built His Church upon Peter” spiel. So, the Pope is of an AUTHORITY! I won’t get into this discussion, so please move on with me. Just like the blinded Catholic, the Protestant groups are no different. Authority is thrown about — the divisions within the Protestant church are immense…

..and every one of them is correct?

A self-proclaiming authority within itself, I would say.

Then the “divided truth” begins to go to the head of the member. Throw in the Bible they are supposed to use within their church, and get even more authoritative division.

I’ve been, what I consider, to be a follower of Christ for several years. In my eyes, many “Christians” are giving Jesus a bad rap, as well as a bad rep. They take their human authority and correct the world with their abusive ways and use Scripture to back up (many times, within error) their view of the way others should be walking. If some want to be knocked around by abuse, so be it. But, here is what I know:

God sent Holy Spirit for all who believe to guide them into His truth!!

If you are feeling abused, or if you feel ridiculed, or if you are corrected and fail to see if you really are being corrected by failing to know His Word and His Holy Spirit, then reach out to Him. A relationship with the living God in you should be producing the fruits of the Spirit: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. Sure, I need work, but I do the best I can. To hear, see, experience and read between the lines as I observe the abusive men of God throwing their weight around not only makes me the opposite of the fruits of His Spirit, it makes me just like the men delivering the message.

I sincerely pray this morning that all are led by the authority of Christ in them, and not by the men of them.

4 thoughts on “Broken Crowns

  1. You have been writing for a while about abuses by members and leaders of churches. Those problems have always been there. Mankind has always sought power over others. Frequently to make ourselves feel better. If you read histories of how Christianity grew it becomes obvious that Christ’s teachings were used to put (especially men) right back into the positions they held prior to his life and ministry. There will always be abuses. We each have to decide to follow the actions of Christ rather than what has been made of it over the centuries. We must live as he did. It is our choice.

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  2. Yes, the abuses have always been there. And, if we are to grow towards the nature of Christ, we have to acknowledge just how destructive it is within His Church.
    If the Jew and Gentile alike were granted salvation through and in Christ, we need to voice the importance of stopping division within His TRUE Church (Ecclesia). All the while, knowing how the Word speaks directly against the division. I do know a great deal of history of the pride of man that bullied their / its way into position within His Church.
    It’s despicable!
    Blessings to you, and I hope your surgery goes smoothly.


  3. It’s rather sad that from the beginning religious organizations have labeled themselves as “church” and as they do with all things pertaining to God, have usurped it for their own gains.
    You must realize that satan was kicked out of Heaven for playing God, how much easier it is for him on earth to play God?
    There’s two examples of religion contained in the bible, one is of little children, the other is to take care of the widows and orphans and keep oneself unstained from the world.
    Religious people are church people, they continually speak from both sides of their mouth, one side says the people are the church, the other side says “at church this Sunday”.
    One side says “we do relationship not religion” the other side says “I didn’t see you at church Sunday”
    The easiest way to try and fool yourself and others into thinking your a good person is to show up to church religiously. From one side of their mouth, religious people will tell you that standing in church doesn’t make you a Christian just like standing in a garage doesn’t make you a car. From the other side of their mouths they’ll quote you Hebrews 10:25 if you don’t go to church. Perhaps even remind you that Jesus died for the Church.
    Unfortunately most religious people are carnal and so that is what religion preys on, that which is carnal and cloak it with spiritual mumbo jumbo.
    They would rather tell you what to think and how to act instead of encouraging you to go after and seek the Living God, Jesus Christ who as you correctly pointed out promissed His Spirit to guide us into all Truth. Crucifying Christ anew each and every day for this is the original reason they murdered Jesus, they did not want to relinquish their perceived power.
    Religion has all the people and all the money, only Jesus Christ will destroy that abomination. But between now and then, I encourage you to be on the look out for the lost sheep Brother ,and point them to the Good Shepherd.
    The religious spirit that dwells in mankind is very powerful and will fight tooth and nail to keep it’s victim bound to religion and religious beliefs. Only Jesus Christ can set these people free.

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  4. Yes, I have written about the religious being as of the same cloth as Satan, with their ignorance pertaining to religion, opposed to relationship.
    What pride men carry. God help us all.
    Blessings, and thanks for commenting.


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