Kill The Messenger

I’m tapping out!

You win!

Go ahead, freely lie to the world!

Carry on with your sin!

It’s okay, I guess?

No longer a problem here.

Just remember who told you

when consequence draws near.

Tell others they’re safe

from the game men have conducted

while your life falls to pieces

due to fools you’ve entrusted.

Do you need security?

A safety net?

A social club for the passive?

Mouth shut! Don’t upset!

Don’t kick up the truth!

People enjoy the lies.

It is the people who know the facts

the ignorant despise.

I throw caution when necessary,

and with ears that will hear

the wise will lean in

while the poons disappear.

It’s no surprise.

The misinformed hate to see

that their way was not true.

Pride of life will always lead.

It’s not that I want you to suffer,

or disrelish what I say.

Just consider that which hurts you

instead of looking the other way.

Know that I can’t help that I’m straight forward.

It’s the way I’ve always been.

I know it may not be the best way,

but I’m becoming more like Him.

Grace is the gift He gave me —

to all of us, you know.

Let’s hear each other out

and allow the room to grow

in Him, by Him and with Him

and put the pride aside.

We both don’t know everything

but we must question what’s implied.

If we don’t, we stumble quickly.

Life is worth more than living a lie.

I want to live and be alive,

not dead before I die.

If you believe everything without study,

how gullible — how truly sad.

If I’ve gone against your personal grain

I see why splinters make you mad.

They pierce the comfort you’ve worked hard for,

and any puncture wound may expose

the lie you live and the lies you believe.

But, you should let go of those.

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