Piously Preachy

I cannot help but think

that other brothers love to compare

They study you and I

and hope we aren’t aware

They look at us

with disgust

and quote their tattered Bible

Finding reasons to belittle God’s children

as if their judgment is viable

Pick a particular sin, kind sir

and pick on me today

Pick one that you’re not guilty of

and declare how I will pay

While you sit back and boastfully claim

that you are greater than I

for you go to church each week

and give a tenth for tithe

I will surely hear your slander

and suffer for a time

for you are better than I am

and your faith is stronger than mine

Let me try tell you something

something I don’t expect you’ll hear

for the proud man only hears his own words

but I’ll try to win your ear

You my friend are far from God

for all are full of sin

If we were able to be good at all

we would never have needed Him

We could say that He died in vain

and His blood never washed us clean

I’m sorry man

but God had a plan

and your finger pointing doesn’t mean a thing

If you are proud when you look in your mirror

it’s because you worship yourself

You think you are doing good deeds

when bashing someone else

Oh good teacher

Oh good man

Oh my how you are weak

You should probably be silent now

or at least think before you speak

Have a closer look inside

and notice how you fall short

Take it easy on the ones who also sin

or prepare for inevitable retort

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