What’s Inside?

As I was looking back at some of my former posts, the question marks at the end of my sentences had me asking yet another question: “Why so many questions?”

Of course, it is the only way to learn. Curiosity seems to drive us in the direction. We are constantly “learning” by asking ourselves questions. We set our focus on the world around us in order to answer these questions. That’s an awesome gift we have as humans, in my opinion. It seems to be a part of God — also my opinion. Of course, I can see within the first pages of the Bible that He (possibly) had to have some sort of curiosity in order to have a commencing point in order to create His masterpieces. I could very well be wrong. I can only speculate within this fallen, limited mind. But, He did see that His creations were good. Perhaps the all-knowing Lord knew the answer before the question? He seems to throughout Scripture, and yet He seems to not know the answer in other places.

But, I digress.

As I sit this morning and think over those questions that I continue to ask, I often wonder if “question” is the downfall of many when it comes to simple faith in Him. We can’t “see” God, and we can’t “figure God out”, and many claim there is no “evidence”. Those questions, unfortunately, keep many from seeking His face.

Along with the thoughts I have this morning is the observance I continue ponder when it comes to how a fallen and limited mind can make some believe that they now hold the “answer” to exactly who and what He is. The zealously overconfident man or woman seems to take the matter of God into their own hands by pridefully claiming to know all the answers. It is no question that they are abundant! I read quite often, and I consistently find that people seem to “know” God.

They know!!

I can fully see how the mindset could and would lead someone to reject God. Outside of the acceptance one must have of there actually being a Creator, there lies nothing but question. Have you ever seen an Atheist not constantly questioning? But, with faith that God is possible, the very definition of faith itself takes on a very different meaning.

We now have the faith that God is possible, and with the faith one begins to question — yet again. We have a certain curiosity that is the catalyst of our commencement to figure Him out. Throughout our time while walking somewhere between flesh and guidance of His Holy spirit, I believe that we can begin to grow very proud. We continue within the same patterns of the questioning mind of the one whom rejects God. We lose the simple faith by wanting to know the same whys, hows, whats and ifs. We continue to think we know, “exactly”. We come to a conclusion to a question. Just like the atheist, we need to know an answer.

As I sit and think about all of the things I’ve read about God that people have written throughout the ages, I see a constant sequence of question within the writings. Needless to say, everything said is, in their minds, of “Holy Spirit’s teaching”. When I read the writings, I see both flesh and Holy Spirit at battle — not just Holy Spirit. I see men and women falling for their own ignorance when they fail to see that faith is just as simple as sitting down in a chair — we just sit down. How often do you question a reliable, well-crafted chair?

So, why must we question THE MOST RELIABLE — GOD?

I’m pretty happy these days not knowing just how, what, why and so on, God truly is. I’m beginning to not ask. I do take His Word in and the things that I experience through a relationship with Him, but honestly, I take everything someone else says about Him with a grain of salt. Any who claims to “know” — the many — I simply filter through my own experience with the Lord. I listen to only His voice of reason.

It seems as though many — both those with and without faith — seem to miss the simple faith that allows for a true experience with God; His soft, inner-voice to be embraced. We seem to be conditioned to question everything in this world, and I think I see what we miss out on. The very nature of God in His entirety is only obtainable in His way and His time and within His reason, and we miss that by questioning. We miss it because we fear that we aren’t or won’t be, “correct”. We miss it because the pride that we all possess wants to be more than Him. I do believe that more of Him is obtainable if we would just stop and listen to Him. Instead of placing so much emphasis on the outward and the billions of questions floating around within it, perhaps the voice within (His promised Holy Spirit for those who believe) would show us. I think I understand why Jesus emphasized the attitude of a child when it comes to one’s attitude as a follower of His. It must be with the same childlike faith that keeps the prideful, educated proud man out of the way of Holy Spirit.

I encourage you this morning to get more in tune with Him and less in tune with the questioning world. Ask Him the questions.

2 thoughts on “What’s Inside?

  1. I’m with you on these ones. I too can sympathize with the non believers, the fact is, the proof of and knowing of Jesus Christ is non transferable proof. But we can testify to what we know.
    If all it took was Gods’ beautiful natural surroundings, all would believe.
    Nice post, keep on singing your song Brother.
    Jesus Christ, The Author and finisher of our faith.

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