I Have…

I heard a woman behind me speaking

as I sat and enjoyed a meal.

She was very talkative as she sat there with her parents,

and her topics were such a big deal.


As I sat alone, I couldn’t avoid her boastful chatter.

She was drowning out concentration.

I tried to read things I was interested in,

but all I heard was their conversation.

“I…” “We…”, and I again.

I heard her voice over quiet mom and dad.

She spoke so proudly about her and her husband

and all the material things they had.

The most expensive. The latest trend.

It went on and on as I ate.

It seemed to me the parents were a bit disgruntled,

for their responses were small and late.

I finally began to ignore her voice

and said a little prayer.

It made me think of higher things

and the truth of what was there.


The world wants more — the fashion, flashiness and fame.

Through her voice, I heard evidence.

It was a reminder to me of what truly matters,

and it is not our dollars and cents.

It is what we set our hearts upon.

Was her heart forged with vanity?

I had limited time with my back to her

and the words were all I could see.

Perhaps she loved the wrong things in life,

but how was I to know?

Maybe mom and dad were silent

because they saw what their daughter would sow?


I left that day with an appreciation

for all that I have in life.

It inspired me to give a bit more

to the one who lives with strife.

The one who carries all they have

in a plastic grocery sack.

To the one who gets very little love.

To that lady behind my back.













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