It’s All Love

I’m up so early this morning, and just maybe it’s for good reason?

I have been noticing how everything that has been going on within my life — outside of the inevitable wages of sin that tend to show up everyday; the fallen world we live in — points me directly to the love of God.

I’ll do my best to explain.

Everything — from the tears that I cry to the joy that I get while looking into my daughters’ eyes — comes directly from the love that God has given me. The tears: a reaction from an emotion that He has blessed me with when crafting up the wonder that I truly am. The eyes of my beautiful children: the windows to their souls. These are just a couple examples of the love that God has shown me as I sit and think about the marvelous life that is centered around His nature. His nature, being love.

But, what is this love? Is it the fleeting emotion — much like the emotion that drums up those tears that stream when I’m watching the genocide that was captured on the films from WWII? Is it the joy that I receive when my days are filled with laughing eyes and hugs? Is it the preceding plethora of rapidly changing colors as the sun begins to peek over the horizion? What is it?

It’s all of these things.

When God sent His Son into the world to die for all of those ugly, nasty, decadent and decaying ways that The Fall had destroyed, He defined love. He loved us SO MUCH that we are now able to embrace His character, His majesty, His grace, His passion, His marvel; His Son, and see that it — that HE — is all love. In everything that we do, go through, experience, see, taste, touch, etc., we can understand ( if we choose to) that it is from God. It is love. We may not totally understand it, for our finite minds cannot and will not fathom, but we can rest upon the finished work that Christ provided. We can know that His love for us was and is in everything. Everything — created by Him, in Him and through Him, for us.

Outside of this time and space, we are known. Each one of us. We are sealed by the blood of Jesus, because that is just how God works. Do I understand that, really? Do you? But what I do understand, and what I do see, is His love in everything.

This morning, I pray that you also see the love that God has sent to you, has shown you and is willing to show you. I pray that you see it in the gift of emotion, the eye of your loved one or that sun on the horizon. I pray that with simple faith, you believe in the finished work that Christ had done on that cross all of those years ago in order for you — for us — to be saved. I pray that you find the true definition of love in the Lord. I pray that you understand the love that flows through His living water that we are now able to experience in our hearts (Holy Spirit) because of the sacrifice He has made. I pray that you understand His Word, and His Spirit within you. I pray that you love others and yourself while loving God with all that you are, first.

So, maybe I am up early to experience a little bit more of the love the extra few hours of the day has to offer?

What is the love you personally see?

10 thoughts on “It’s All Love

  1. Im sitting beside a daughter life flighted to critical care. Looking like she will make it. A fierce love comes into being not experienced in my normal quiet days. Its impossible for me to imagine, but in a small way, the ferocity of Gods love when sin entered, Jesus love from the cross. The love he wants in us for each other. You nailed it. Thanks

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  2. Friends, family and community, that’s where I’ve seen and continue to see Love. Most of the the times when I see Love, the name of Jesus Christ is never mentioned, but knowing who Jesus IS, there’s no doubt that He IS the root of it.
    Great post Damon.
    May the grace and peace of Jesus be with you and yours.

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  3. It seems to me that if we are made in His image, then it must mean that we are part of the love He is. In the fallen world, we are polluted by all of those things that mask and cloud His pure love.
    I suppose that is why He died for us. So we could (eventually) become one with Him — in His intended purity for us — when we do return to Him. That love remains in us, but looking through this fog that clouds is so hard. It really makes the love hard to see, and we know the devil is always right there blinding us, subduing our sight all that much more as well.
    Blessings, Stephen.


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