Speak To Me

We are judged for the ignorance that only God knows

Those things we struggle with;

the incriminating woes.

We expect sympathy and for others to understand,

but most only criticize

with judging hand.

We face the known demon and whip our own back

because of the guilt

we idolize what we lack.

Facing the God of forgiveness through Christ

we still want forgiveness

so offer sacrifice.

We convince ourselves that the work that He did

wasn’t enough

for all of our sin.

We pick up where He left off and continuously offer.

Our pride formulates mockery

and we’re now the scoffer.

Shaking our fist because we once believed

that Christ IS ENOUGH,

but the devil deceived.

That evil within tells that Christ isn’t enough.

The thoughts soon take over.

Our days become rough.

The judgment from others only fuels Satan’s deception.

“Your failures will put you in hell!”

Their voice makes you question.

Did Jesus truly die for all of your sins?

Or, just a select few…

The battle begins!

You beg for forgiveness and beg even more.

You beg and you plead,

“Oh God, do implore!!”

“Forgive me for sinning! I do not want hell!

I know I’m a terrible person!

I’m a shame. I can tell.”

Did you forget that He fixed you that day

when He died at Calvary?

Did He not say,

“It is finished”? Did He not remove

all of those flaws —

things you’ll never improve?

He removed all of our sins.

All of them, you see?!

So why do you suffer?

Why do you continuously

fall for that lie Christians do love to tell?

You know the one,

“You’re still going to hell!”

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