Teach Me, O’ Lord

Benevolence —

the true reason of His.

Loving from our core

because we understand this.

Not a sappy love

or the emotion we know.

Not a sexual love

or the feelings that grow.

It’s selfless and sacrificial.

What we tend not to be
It’s Agape love

and with Him, we see.

We notice our heart

and its controlling ways.

We look past all our hurts

and unwanted days

and care for our enemies

because that’s who He is.

They may not deserve it,

but, they’re also His.

They are also His children

and not ours to adjudicate.

We need to remember,

He’s the true Magistrate.

If you saw a starving Muslim

would you refuse to feed him

because you’re a Christian

and you’ve been taught to hate them?

Or would you give kindly

a piece of your bread

because he is human…

You remember He said,

“Love thy neighbor”

He didn’t say, “except for…”

Goodwill and charity

should be at our core.

He commanded we love

and push aside what we hate.

He wants us to learn

in our fallen state

to look beyond our emotion

and “feelings” of love

and know His true heart

as we rise above

the pride that we carry

in all of our sin

and embrace benevolence

the very essence of Him.

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