What Fuels Us

I sometimes witness the outward appearance of another — the composition they personally extend to the world. Getting my personal idea of just what they are made up of is sometimes very hard to pinpoint at first sight, and, many times, even harder to see the more I get to know them.

I think I’m too observant, and I do tend to analyze the crap out of people.

Within the complicated way that I do observe, I always wonder, ‘What is it exactly that fuels another?’

That “appearance” is candidly unknown. We may think we truly know someone, but I’ve personally thought I had “known” many people. For years, I “knew” someone, but would later find that I never really knew them at all. People are strange, and the are full of strangeness. There are also people that just pour out goodness from their hearts — consistently — quickly showing that they are genuinely at peace with themselves and are willing to show the world the love they have to offer.

People — feeble and fickle.

Everyone is truly different. There is so much at hand that makes them who they are. Genetics, chemical balance, environments, thought processes, practices, habits, ignorance, knowledge, references, views, wit, pollutants, lack of love, influence, et cetera, et cetera…..you name it. Everyone is fueled.

It’s interesting as I mature — both mentally and spiritually — to see how inconsistence plays such a part in the world that we make up. That fuel of each individual is so unstable, so rickety, that it makes it very hard to be what the Lord intended. It’s comical to sometimes think about two key things: the world keeps “going” when one dies, and the impact that person had made in the world while here was based on what type of fuel they were powered by. That’s really something to me. Each person made an impact that somehow lasted within this world that we know. Each one was fueled, produced a fuel which, in turn, fueled the world in some way. Also, being a man of faith, I do believe it all has a greater meaning and purpose in God’s divine plan. “Free willed” fuel, complicated and manipulated by one’s own makeup.

I can read the Bible and see — from the beginning to end of it — that God already knew what we and the world would become. Within the free will that we all have while being fueled by all that we truly are, we weave the final destination. The only thing I can really figure is that God saw that He had to save us — in all of our instability and tainted fuels — from ourselves. Our nasty, imbalanced, inconsistent selves. He decided to take care of His beloved.

Just my personal view.

He is the only true source and sustainer of stable fuel, and He is truly the only “fuel” I find consistent in this life. As I head east in the mornings, I look at the field oil pumps and the coal-burning power plant off in the distance, and can usually see the sun rise. It gives me a true glimpse of just how truly unstable and unbalanced our world is. It gives me an idea of how our fuel — both collectively, individually and actually (as fossil fuels) — keep this world going. All the while, the sun still does its thing when we die (the world keeps turning), all of the fuels burn out as they left their impact, and we are done here.

What fuels you? Does your fuel run on “self”, or is it supplied by the One who keeps the world and the entire universe in motion?

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