The Christmas Saunter

He walked right by us with his head hung low.
His heavy bags of belongings were busting.
No one looked up to acknowledge him.
His odor was disgusting.
Just behind our backs after passing,
he turned to us to say,
“Do you know what Jesus gave to each and every one of you today?”
Dumbfounded by his question
we just stood there, silently.
Perhaps we had an answer,
but the man said patiently,
“He gave us the way to live;
a way we never knew.
A way that we do excuse,”
I asked myself if it were true.
“for the natural heart is covered with sin,
and from it comes the worst.
It’s because of Satan we are all not clean.”
We stood there just staring, at first.
Just then, my friend stretched out his hand
and gave the man some cash.
The man took the money and dropped it to the ground,
then walked off in a flash.
What was the man doing that day —
this filthy man in rags?
This man with only one shoe on
and carrying several bags?
We walked on and many questions were raised
as we tried to figure his reason.
One would think a man like that
would need money during this cold season.
It wasn’t the case with that strange man
who stopped and turned to say,
“Do you know what Jesus gave to each and every one of you today?”

I saw the same man on my way back home.
He was lying on the walk.
He looked up to me and said quietly,
“Sit down here, man. Let’s talk.”
I thought to myself, ‘How’d he get here,
it was miles the other way?’
I was puzzled by his words that followed,
like he heard what I didn’t say!
“I am everywhere, in everything, Damon.”
I was really lost by then!
“I am with you and you are with me,
and in me is no sin.”
I turned my head and briefly looked away
and when I had looked back,
the man was gone — completely gone…
there was no way he could do that!!
I sat there thinking I was losing it,
but a verse quickly came to mind:
Hebrews 13:2.
Was this a creation of God’s kind?

When my friends and I walk the same streets
we pass the homeless men.
When I stop to ask how they are doing,
my friends ask, “Why bother with them?”
‘You never know what you may learn from another.’
They just look at me and smile.
They shake their heads, never knowing what I had experienced
as I chatted with God for a while.

3 thoughts on “The Christmas Saunter

  1. I assume this is a true story. I absolutely love these kind of experiences. Jesus Christ IS the Living God who is active in our lives. It’s absolutely amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No, It’s fiction. It was inspired by a man I thought may have been an angel many I encountered years ago that seemed to just appear and disappear a few times. You never know if someone is.
    Take care.


  3. You’re right, you never know. I pulled over once to check a map. Out of nowhere a woman was standing at my passenger window. She told me she had to get downtown and needed bus fare. I gave her some money to which she said “May God bless you”.
    I looked down at my map for one second while she said that, then looked up to thank her, she was gone, but there was nowhere to hide.
    I can relate to this story.
    Much Peace and Love to you Brother

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