So many translations — so many differences!

As I was going over a few personal observations in the way others interpret the Bible here on WordPress, it hit me pretty hard:

People want to lead and teach using the specific translation that suits them. They want to argue a point, or verse, based on their personal translation of choice.

It’s so true. If one person doesn’t like the way one version “feels or sounds”, they just pick up another version and run with that one. Some even use several translations to “teach” the audience.

And it doesn’t stop there!

If people don’t agree with their personal choice in translations, or chapters or verses, they will argue until the cows come home over the true meaning.

The true meaning??

How in the world can the hundreds of translations all be true?

Some leave parts out completly. Some have totally different wording (that is not the same at all). Some even add their own twists when you compare them next to one another. It’s madness. It is so discordant.

And people wonder why our Church is so divided and why sectarianism is so prominent within the world of Christianity. Denominations and arguments stem directly from a constant misunderstanding of the truth, and that truth is simply Christ. Not anything more than that. Man cannot and will not ever be able to say, with complete accuracy, which translation, chapter, verse or specific word within them is EXACTLY what God, “meant or said”. Period!

The greatest problem I have with the faith that I share with so many is the division within it. So many teachers are so blind to error, simply because they believe their personal preference and view is completely accurate — spreading their, “truth” all over the world.

I truly hope and pray that every reader has a good solid relationship with Christ through His Holy Spirit, and that each person is able to ask the Lord for personal guidance as they read the hundreds of words the men and women of the world put within sight to be read as, “God’s Word”. Is it His Word, or is it his word? Will you know the difference?

2 thoughts on ““Truthfully…”

  1. I noticed this issue coming from the pulpit and clergy many years ago.
    The truth is, sometimes we can’t even interpret a text from a friend, but for some reason, todays religious “scholars” think they can interpret what the bible has to say.
    Every individual is responsible for their own salvation, but most would rather be part of a group and gain salvation by association.
    There’s only One association that saves, His name IS Jesus Christ.
    Myself, I don’t care if I have to go alone, as long as I go with Jesus I am victorious by way of Him. No bible required, just Jesus.
    Long before I ever read the bible, Jesus was there looking after me. Now that I know who He IS, I can appreciate some of the profound Truth’s recorded in the bible.
    Knowing that God is sovereign over His Word, and seeing how the bible is used, there’s absolutely no way I can refer to the bible as “the Word, or the word of God as that is to admit that God is not sovereign over His Word. Jesus Christ IS the Word of God. The bible even says so.

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