Holy Cow?

The following two links are very informative, while sure to stir up controversy within His Church. Although, I believe it is essential to really chew on the content of both articles.

Pray on it.

Blessings to you!



4 thoughts on “Holy Cow?

  1. The religion industries sacred cow. The only One we need to be assembled to, is Jesus Christ. For salvation is found no one else.
    Just a side note, I absolutely love cows, my favourite animal. The title and picture of this blog entry put a smile on my face Brother.

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  2. These are interesting articles. I don’t fully agree or disagree with them. One thing is that Jesus did not abolish or do away with the law but fulfilled it. If the law still does not exist then there can no longer be any sin. Sin is breaking God’s law. The reason for following the law or any rule must be out of love, not out of duty. Love for what Jesus did for us. Not to earn salvation. Striving to follow the law because of what He did is showing love to God for what He did. Jesus followed the law and we are to be like Him.
    I do agree there is no command to go to church, but I see no fault in it either. The building is not what makes it church, but the people in it. All the building is—is a place to meet together. There is nothing against that in scripture.
    The article also said that we should be against the government to form a theocracy. Paul said to obey those in authority including the king, who was Roman at the time. Jesus never rebelled against the government.
    These articles do make a person think.

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