Cynically Sinless

We worry about the day —

our choice and our way —

questioning ourselves, anyway.


We look through our own eyes —

we judge ourselves; we chastise —

and we find things we despise.


We take a closer look —

into the heart the world took

and see that we are far from our good book.


We hate ourselves as we see —

as we strive to be like He —

the perfection we cannot be.


Since we are feeling down —

as the smile turns to heavy frown —

we destroy someone else’s crown.


Religious, we say we are —

the rule keepers; the best by far —

as we carry the personal score card.


We find fault in every way —

in the people and the day —

showing we’re not as godly as we say.


We pride ourselves with love —

the kind sent from the Lord above —

yet, we hate with that thereof?






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