My Reveal

Sometimes I sit and wonder if this blog of mine is really of any value to anyone other than myself?

We all desire to be heard. We spend a lot of time speaking and listening, so it is obviously what God intended for us to utilize. With this thought, I am thinking deeply about the real reason why I am currently blogging. Is it really helping anyone? Is it just for my selfish desire to show that I know a thing or two? Is it this? Is it that?

I ask the questions often, and I’m sure it crosses the minds of many when viewing their own blog.

I had read something yesterday that had me thinking about the core truth of my blog and the true reason why I had initially started it. While a suggestion from a friend sparked my interest of placing my ramblings here on WP, a deeper reason also had me laying my money down in order to start up the personal website. The read from yesterday touched on the confessions we all make as we share our personal experiences, whether they are in voice, word or through the senses and/or emotions that we share or as we converse with others face to face.

Yes, “confession”!

No, not the Catholic confession: sitting in a little booth, talking to a man who claims to be God. Not that kind.

Confession, meaning the testimony of just who and what we are. Showing people the real deal (if we choose to express the “real truth” within our writings), telling others what God has done for us with the hope of others seeing the joy that He brings. The lessons we learn as we go along this journey called life, within His grace. Being fully human while sharing the human experience we personally embrace (or, that we sometimes struggle to embrace). Sharing the fact that we are all just trying to make it. There is so much more to the word, “confession” than just a confession of our sins (which, by the way, according to the Bible, is done directly to God, not to men in booths). It is a full out extension of our true self and the true expressive words that describe ourselves — our voice, our realities, our knowledge, our experiences, etc. It’s sharing who and what we are. It’s showing others the mighty power of God in us as we push through a world that desperately tries to glorify the power of self.

It’s all of these things and much, much more.

A thing that really stood out to me as I meditated on the read yesterday was the fact that so many “confessions” are of the world. This simply means that they are derived from the flesh — the lack of His presence does not aid in the confession. Now, before you attack and say this is judgmental or discriminatory, I will just say that the Bible clearly states that those whom do not know Christ do not possess the Holy Spirit. You can research that yourself, and I highly encourage it. So many confessions come from either the total lack of true Spiritual guidance due to not having faith in Him, or not having a solid relationship with Him (with that being said, no Christian is perfect and no Christian always listens to Him). So many confessions are based on things outside of His truth, and, many times, they are based solely on the circle of emotions that many never learn to control. Self-control, one of the fruits of the Spirit (you can find in Galatians 5) is imperative, yet, we all struggle with them. Many times, our confessions reflect this.

I feel like I get a bit too preachy at times. The preceding paragraph was intended to encourage, not to come across as preachy. As I had said, I encourage every reader to pick up the Bible and research for themselves. Although, this is part of my confession!

As I go about my days — reading, writing, experiencing, sharing, voicing, listening, absorbing and shedding — I will confess. I truly hope these things bring some good to a world that seems to, most times, be heading south. Thanks for following my experience.


5 thoughts on “My Reveal

  1. If I could articulate my thoughts as well as you do Damon, I’d also have a blog.
    We all have talents, different talents.
    Phillippians 1 15-18, no matter your intensions, Jesus Christ is preached. Though I don’t think it will excuse the evil doers.

    But with you Damon, as far as I’m concerned, you’re like the little drummer boy. His sticks are your pen (or keyboard) and His drum is your paper (monitor). A means to give back to our King.
    You touch a serious subject, and that is the plight of the battered sheep who are always blamed for the abuse others inflict on them.

    Have great weekend brother.
    Much Peace and Love

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  2. I’m sure you are capable, as I see that you articulate very well within your comments! I appreciate your continual support and encouragement.
    Peace and love back at ya bro. Enjoy your days!


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