Silent Answer

Aren’t we all unique?

One person hides, another speaks.

One has a day of total tranquility,

while the other lacks in that particular ability.

One is consumed with a raging desire to win.

The other expects to lose before they begin.

The woman goes out to find another thrill,

and the man stays in because he’d rather chill.

A simple suggestion from a friend causes havoc

in an eye that already sees the world as tragic.

David claims that he is much holier than Stan,

but Stan donates in the shadow of David’s vain hand.

A boy pushes the small and weak one around,

because his father does the same to him when in town.

One lies, one cries, one encourages the unconvinced.

One believes anything, without evidence.

One drinks, one thinks, one has no remorse.

One criticizes the other for choosing their course.

The lazy one collects as the driven one earns.

A few follow a passion; a desire that burns.

Mom threw out the dad that stepped out on her,

because she knows what she and her children deserve.

The man with nothing has much more than the man

whose island is surrounded by clear water and sand.

We are all full of things

that we only see,

as the lookers look on

telling how we should be.


Aren’t we all unique?

Careful…they may not let you speak.




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