She And He Almighty

I figured she would start another argument today,

instead, she demanded someone definitely should pay!

She is miserable, you see, and she needs others to always know

that somehow, someone else is the reason she is low.

It’s a constant pattern within this woman who never fails to see!

The blinded know-it-all, telling all how they should be.

He’s a man of honor, at least, that is what he thinks.

The self-proclaiming saint with an attitude that stinks.

“Everyone is ignorant! Little simpletons…”

If anyone dare challenge him, he’ll point out all the sins.

She makes herself look pretty, but the more you get to know her,

you find that she is ugly — constantly slandering another.

He had no place to go last night, so he stayed and went online,

digging into faith chatrooms: hate and high fives by design.

She needed very little time to justify her choice.

Her only friend apologized, but she refused to hear her voice.

She said, “God spoke to me and told me you deserve punishment!”

The friend then overdosed. She couldn’t handle that torment.

They live in a world alone, this king and queen of arrogance.

They do not care who they hurt, and excuse the consequence.

They sit high and mightily above all others, and pity those down there.

The wonderful Godly couple — always showing how they care.

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