I Must Not Be

I didn’t go to church yesterday.

I didn’t dress for a part to play.

I didn’t have a dime for the plate.

I didn’t proclaim the speaker was great.

I didn’t eat more than I can hold.

I didn’t join in with the stories told.

I didn’t act as if life is fine.

I didn’t correct what isn’t mine.

I didn’t quote a verse, bringing guilt.

I didn’t contribute to the house they built.

I didn’t pay for the leader’s wage.

I didn’t turn to the correct page.

I didn’t know there was, “a creed”.

I didn’t know why we disagreed.

I didn’t fall for the lies they told.

I didn’t stand for a body so bold.

I didn’t know God ran a corporation.

I didn’t agree with their interpretation.

I didn’t play a game like a child.

I didn’t believe that heap they had piled.

I left the evil place behind,

where men are haughty and so unkind.

I left that place and never thought twice —

the lessons taught and poor advice.

An establishment fashioned with inaccuracies.

The leaders, much like Pharisees.

I was excommunicated and shunned for seeing

the truth in how they all were being.

I must not be a child of His,

because the pastor is claiming this??

I must not be forgiven through Christ,

because their lies do not entice.

2 thoughts on “I Must Not Be

  1. I was gonna respond with “I didn’t go either” but remembered that I did go to mass yesterday.
    I have a dear friend who’s an ex catholic priest. He’s an older East Indian fella who was raised in the St.Thomas church.
    Then was ordained in the catholic church and served in the Philippines. It was his time there that made him realize it wasn’t right to take money from poor people.
    He’s now a psychologist but has taken over as priest for a catholic anglican church. They got a congregation of 11 with the median age of 72.
    I can assure you, you’ve never seen anything as archaic as a catholic anglican service.
    The service not so great, time with my friend, awesome.
    But in all seriousness, church houses will suck the life right out of you and spit you out when you have nothing left to offer them.
    I trust you’re doing well, mentioning you in my prayers.
    Blessings Brother

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  2. Hey, Stephen
    Yes, all of us are well here. Thanks for the prayers.
    I wrote this as I was reflecting back on the Sunday I did have with family and the love we shared. I was thinking about an experience I had with a homeless man this morning. I was also thinking about the ways other, “loving Christians” assume if one is not in an institution that they are not doing things “right” in the eyes of God. I tell them, I know that He examines my heart, and He delivers, over and over, the compassion that we extend to others — I just don’t sound the trumpets for all to see the blessings we share! People truly exhaust me, and the judgment of others is why.
    Peace and love to you and your family, Stephen!


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