Running back to yesterdays

Different times and different ways

Choosing to relive another time

Picking up what we left behind

Maybe reliving will be better now

Perhaps how we were then will be pleasing somehow

We think this but then we find

those things were better left behind

Trying again is such a waste

We had left the old familiar space

because the life no longer had purpose

Because detriment had reached the surface

But we the weak go running back

to find the things that we did lack

Slipping away into the old

Rewriting a story already told

2 thoughts on “Replay

  1. “ Rewriting a story already told’
    I’m trying to finish the book ‘Pilgrim’s Progress” and having a hard time. The book to me is basically that, a story all ready told. I can’t for the life of me understand how this book is so loved, but then again, I wouldn’t read anything Oprah or her followers recommends either.
    Have a great weekend Damon.

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  2. Not familiar with the book, but I am familiar with Oprah (and I’ll keep my comments to myself). It seems like we all go through the times when we, even though we are “new creations in Him”, go running back to (fill in the blank). Why?? I have yet to figure that one out. Blessings, Stephen.


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