Anxiety stricken

Beating heart

On the verge of falling apart

Nerves are shot

Sweats and shakes

Clinching this disaster as the still ground quakes

Try to breathe

Close my eyes

Nothing works and it’s no surprise

Everyone wonders

why I’m exhausted now

They offer advice but they don’t know how

Ease today

Doc pushed the pill

Come back next month for another bill

Pill wouldn’t fix

Here’s therapy

Correct the error found in me

Pray to God

He’ll fix the pain

Followed days remain the same

Some don’t know

the stressful life

when nothing’s wrong and nothing’s right

They look on

and wonder why

while I look inward and slowly die

The mental is a battle

A travesty

This false representation ruins me

2 thoughts on “Descension

  1. I appreciate the prayers, Bruce, but this is just a reflection of a reality I and many others have faced. I’m not currently experiencing it, but know it all too well. Many people can relate to my poem, and many are dealing with the same sorrows as we speak.
    Blessings to you.

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