Greater Is He?

What is the good Christian?

I legitimately ask.

Is it the one who goes to church?

The one who completes a fast?

Maybe it is the devout on their knees,

with Holy Rosary beads.

Or, the one that flogs themseves

because the guilt inside impedes.

Is it the guy in the same pew each week?

The gal translating in Greek?

Perhaps it’s the finely dressed

who wouldn’t let the filthy one speak.

Maybe it’s all of these,

or, none of these at all?

Jesus said, “Why do you call me good?”

Did we forget that man did fall?

The Christ removed the sin in us,

and in Him, the bad’s made good.

Each one of us is sinful,

and that fact’s misunderstood.

The guilt of Law weighs heavy

on the religious one, today.

Rushing off to a religious establishment,

and believing what they say.

Punishment is mandatory

in a subtle undertone.

The message that will be preached today

in their home away from home.

Religion killed our Lord back then.

The Jew said, “CRUCIFY!!”

Here we are, many years later,

still questioning if He did die.

Appeasing God with Law and works,

thinking Christ was not enough.

Thinking all the fronts and faces we present

will make us appear as tough.

“Strong in the Lord”, or, “Godly men”,

because we know so much.

Showing others that we are strong

and they are out of touch.

So, today I’m asking “all good Christians”,

‘Who made you so proud?’

Was it the grace of God that washed you clean,

or the goodness you voice so loud?









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