The Public Announcements

I am exhausted. Not physically, but mentally. It is just before 5 a.m., and I am already there.

It didn’t take long for me to arrive here. I tend to avoid social media in the morning, as I have found that it is getting to be less about sharing the personal joys of family and friends and more about slandering, with some really distasteful content weaved about. That’s just my opinion. Maybe I am just burned out on the platform? Too many memes and distractions that pollute my head with, many times, pure filth? I don’t know.

I began writing regularly about two, maybe three years ago, and I considered a suggestion which led me to WordPress. The idea behind my move to this site was exciting — I would be able to share my thoughts and insights with the world. I would have an opportunity to share my personal experiences with others with the hope of someone benefiting from what I have gathered through the journey.

I thought that would be cool.

So, I made the move, but little did I know how hard it would be to remain content within it.

There are so many topics to read about and discuss here, and one that I am greatly interested in is, “faith”. Faith in Jesus Christ, to be specific. So, I began to follow many bloggers in order to see what the Church believes about our Lord and Savior. Many, many times, I find it to be enlightening. Other times, like this morning, I find it to be a really exhausting way to begin a beautiful new day.

Oh, the legalistic followers of Jesus. Yes, that is my problem. Over and over, I see these posts about how “perfect” we must be in order to properly call ourselves His. Like this morning, there are times when I am just so tapped out on reading the trash people place on this site. Literally. The “trash” is how people can turn verses of Scripture into misleading information by twisting the context, with an opinion tied around it, and make the reader feel as if they are going to rot in hell for all of their struggles.

Garbage. Kudos to you for patting yourselves on the back.

I know an important fact, and I truly question if these writers know this fact, but I know that Jesus died once and for all for all of these dirty, nasty, sinful ways in which I struggle. He died for the ways you uphold your pride and teachings, oh great writers. He died for the world, and for all that will come with Him.

It’s really not that hard to understand.

Really, all we need to do is love God, love others, love ourselves, and mean it. Do we struggle to do that? I know I do! But, I also know what the Lord desires, and it’s to give back to the world the love He has for us. He loved the world so much that He sent His only begotten Son to die for us. Dying to ourselves in imperative, to say the least, but He also knows our hearts and struggles (unlike the millions of great “teachers” on WordPress and in millions of buildings on the city and town blocks).

Get over yourselves, peeps!

So, I sit this morning, tapped out. Exhausted. I cannot deal. I strongly feel as though people spend so much time focused on sin and not enough time on the wonderful fruit being saved produces — beating themselves into submission and freely spreading their agonizing, inner self-condemning maladies into the world. I’m sorry you hurt, but for His sake, please see a therapist. Please stop telling the sinner they are only sinners. Start telling the world about the healing power of Jesus. Your “lessons” appear as denunciations to us, lesser thans.

Yeah, that’s love. It seems that, in many ways, WordPress is turning into the infamous Facebook. I suppose I’ll start scrolling past the inevitable trash more often, on both sites.



11 thoughts on “The Public Announcements

  1. Hi Damon, no criticism here, just a question. I read your “From Victim, To Victor” intro this morning and I am asking how what you wrote today equates with what you wrote under your intro. God’s blessings to you and yours.

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  2. B.S., no criticism. Funny, Bruce.
    The intention was to keep that frame of mind at the forefront of my blog. I suppose the writings I read here changed me for the time being. But, since I am moving forward now, I have a great a beautiful world to enjoy.

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  3. I find that hard to believe, but okay. I explained.
    You criticize and judge all the time: the writings, comments to not only me but brothers and sisters, and the stuff I sense between the lines (or, incorrectly sense??) Please leave me be. The cancer grows the more we continue with our criticisms, here. Blessings.

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  4. “I strongly feel as though people spend so much time focused on sin and not enough time on the wonderful fruit being saved produces — beating themselves into submission and freely spreading their agonizing, inner self-condemning maladies into the world.”
    This statement is a profound truth Damon.
    It’s a belief learned from the pulpit to rob people of their freedom IN Christ Jesus. It keeps them bound to the organization, for there is no condemnation for those who are IN Christ Jesus.
    It’s not that we don’t strive for perfection, it’s that far too many religious people take it upon themselves to usurp the job of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirits job to convict, and there is no better person to do it on account of He speaks to the heart.
    There is no greater foe than the religious spirit, he will try to rob you of your joy under the guise of holiness. Don’t let the religious spirit steal your joy brother.
    In the parable of the seed sower, it is the religious that steal the word, not the atheist.
    Only God Himself can change their self righteousness. Don’t even engage such a spirit, they’ll only steal your joy. Lie, kill and steal, it’s the work of the devil.
    Blessings to you and yours Brother

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  5. Thank you, Damon , for the truth in what you shared. I am rarely on Facebook, for the very reason you shared. I try very hard to listen to the Holy Spirit in regard to what I put in my heart, mind, and soul.
    Proverbs 27:19 comes to my mind: “As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person.”
    So, in that regard, I avoid “trash” at all cost, because it will only hinder what the LORD is calling me to do in regard to sharing Who He is and the Love He has with everyone around me.
    God bless you!

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