Writing about what is real is often accompanied by the ruffling of feathers.

People seem to want validation, acknowledgement, agreements and a “like”: the newer form of appreciation we find. The great thing called social media — impersonal and unclear, many times — is the hip way of the world. We don’t have to sit with anyone and converse…

Just give it a like!!

Anyway, being real on a website can get one into trouble. The typing we display may not be interpreted correctly, and once displayed, it is usually too late. We put it out there for everyone to analyze, dissect and meditate upon. We do not get to explain as we would if we were having a face to face conversation. We draw conclusions that may not be correct, and we also may not display within our words what we truly intended.

Sitting down with people, in live time, usually saves us from a lot of trouble. It gives us the opportunity to explain ourselves. It is what men and women did for eons before the internet.

We need more of that, these days.

I had a conversation yesterday online and I went back and reviewed my wording, finding that it was close to what I desired to say, but not exactly. It had errors from typing on a little cellphone with my fat fingers, which probably also made it harder to understand for the reader. But, error occurs, naturally. It’s inevitable most of the time.

Which brings me to the topic I was discussing with the other.

We were discussing how sin is possible to overcome with the help of the Lord (His Holy Spirit). My argument, opposed to his, was that we will always sin in one way or another. He said otherwise. He said that, “With God all things are possible”, meaning that — as I interpreted it — we can overcome sin every time it comes about. I had said that it is impossible because Jesus was, is and the only One whom will ever be without sin.

He said otherwise.

The commenter believes, from what I gathered, that some can fight off every sin in their lives.

I’m sorry, but there is only one Jesus!

I’m not sure if I interpreted his words correctly? I’m not sure if he meant it this way? Was he saying that he can be perfectly, “perfect”? I don’t know, but if he can, he’s a far “better” Christian than I.

Before we assume, draw conclusions or think we have people figured out, we should get to know them. That goes beyond words we peck and place on the internet. Also, we can’t assume that people aren’t God’s children simply because we believe they aren’t based on a few words we read on a website.

Just my thoughts. Have a blessed Friday!

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