High On Our Hell

We used to live for the party.

My friends and I would make it a point to find anything that would alter the mind and body. A bottle of booze, low-quality, mid or high-grade weed, powders in baggies that were, hopefully, what the dealer had said they were. Anything to numb. Anything to excite.

Drugs and alcohol weren’t the only things that would get us high. As they were the primary go-to’s, the secondary sources were also prevalent, and they varied for each one of us. Sex, violence and even hints of what many would find to be satanic, stimulated the minds of our circle.

We think about the mind and its response to these, “excitements”. Drugs and habits — changing and manipulating our brains. Time and time again, chasing that stimulation or the “high” that feels so incredibly good to us. We need more in order to get the same high, regardless of the harm it causes. The way our brain works now needs a “fix” in order to be fine again. It’s funny to me when I hear someone say that they are not an addict, knowing they are addicted to something.

How about your coffee? How about your religious practices? What about your need to be right?

Everyone has their addictions. But, what do these addictions do to you? To others?

I was drinking my coffee…addiction…this morning and thinking about the things our personal addictions produce. There has been an ongoing disharmony with a fellow blogger over the way I personally see certain aspects of Christianity opposed to how he sees them. It seems like, no matter what I say, he has to correct me.

This guy doesn’t even know me!

He has no idea why I am the way that I am, will study each word I type, translate them with his personal wit and say things to me, supposedly because, “he cares”. If I could reiterate verbatim what we had talked about, I don’t believe I would be the only one to see that he is obviously addicted to being correct. 

As I am waking up (with the help of my liquid drug) this morning, I think about the hell it is causing the blogger. He has the tendency to say harmful things in his need to be right, and then later, after realizing his erroneous choice to, as I personally interpret it, “correct”, apologizes to me. It seems that his addiction has its consequences, and they are not very fruitful.

As we all have our addictions, what do they result in? Is the addiction to cake good for the diabetes and obesity the man already suffers from? Is the methamphetamine good for…anything?? Is the night of gallons of alcohol good for the woman who brings home a random guy with the hope of not catching an STD?

Is it good for your liver? Is it good for your kid who watches you?

Our personal highs can produce subtle or substantially harmful consequences. They can send us into a downward spiral quickly, or kill us softly. They can eat away at our interiors and exteriors, leaving their marks. They can be a hellacious way to achieve a good feeling. The good feeling can soon turn into a very bad one, leaving us in a hustle to replace the bad with the good, again. The hell continues, over and over, in its vicious cycle of decay and wane.






4 thoughts on “High On Our Hell

  1. Just lately, I’ve seen a lot of bickering amongst Christians on WP. Perhaps I’m being naïve and it’s always going on. I’ve seen people lash out at each other in a manner that can’t be seen to be Christian. If I find it discouraging, how must non-believers view Christians?

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  2. I hear you. Christians are human, too. I really don’t know of many who are a good representation of Jesus, but they sure can talk the talk. Yes, bickering — another habit — seems to be a need in the so-called Christian community. I definitely see your point, though. Do we really look any different to the world? We have to ask ourselves. Blessings.

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  3. It may seem crazy, but such people are trying to help. The problem is, their help is centred on what they believe to be truth. If only we would see things like them, we would be in the Light as well. It is everyone else who is in darkness.
    There’s the Law of Love which comes from God and sets the captives free, then, there’s the traditions and doctrines of men that put people into bondage and they got the scripture to back them put it into law.
    . Some people have one foot in each and only one path leads to freedom.
    I say “thank you Jesus Christ for setting me free”.
    There’s a line in the song “good 2 b alive” it goes like this “everyone’s got something to say to me, how to live how to love and how to breathe, but I am free”
    If one Truly follows Jesus Christ by His gift of The Holy Spirit, then you’re marked as a selfish rebel who probably wasn’t spanked by your parents. They call it self-entitled and me-ism. If you don’t conform to the main beliefs of organized religion, you’re not worthy of grace.
    I encourage you brother, as hard as it is, to show grace to all, always, but never back down from our testimony.
    FYI, my father in law is pretty sure I’m going to hell because I don’t agree with some of his “evangelical” beliefs, but in his mind he means well. I have a baptist buddy who feels the same way, he won’t even talk to me anymore.
    But, much like Southpark, you got to watch a lot of bad-mediocre to get that little bit of real good. Lol So it is with people, we extend grace that we might glean a kernel of Truth
    Just my opinion Brother, much like you, I long to Love.
    Much Peace and Love to you and yours Damon

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