God knows the secrets we hide.

The things hidden from the world, kept inside.

A front for the masses, to make one look good,

is a mask for our fears — things misunderstood.

A day spent in words and expressions to see,

is not really all that’s in you or me.

The thoughts that you cover from the brother you deride

are exposed to the Lord, even though kept inside.

A smile and a nod to the cheating woman you know

shelter the images of the stones that you throw.

The Lord sees the pain that you coddle and protect.

He sees all the remnants of a soul that is left

broken to pieces; scarred by the past.

He sees why you feel like you’re coming in last.

He knows why you point and desire to fix

the others in view you call hypocrites.

He knows why you toss and turn every night.

He knows why you see darkness, even in the full light.

God thoroughly knows you, and He knows everything.

All the fronts and the truths. All the pain that you bring.

He loves you beyond comprehension, because through His Way,

He took everything that hurts, and buried it that day

when He died on the cross. He took sin to the grave.

So, even though we hurt, we’re no longer a slave

to the sins that we bear; to the truth that we hide.

To those scars of the past that we push down inside.

God sees the death, burial and resurrection of Christ

in each one of us, when we fail to sacrifice.

But, should we keep covering the hurts that keep hurting?

Should we be content with the love we’re deserting?

It’s a terrible thing to not honor His Way,

when we don’t observe our thoughts and taste what we say.

Do you have things that you need to let go?

Is God — are you — pleased with secrets only you and Him know?

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