Feeling Like Doo-Doo

Today, thanks to the spreading of germs, I am sick. Ugh. I didn’t sleep well, have a fever and the beginnings of congestion in my head. I’m not sure what my stomach is planning on doing? Overall, I feel like doing nothing but typing out a few things, lying in my recliner and sipping some coffee.

We all have gotten sick at one point or another in our lives. If you haven’t, I commend your immune system! I know this will pass in its time, and I’ll just have to ride it out. For me, feeling this kind of sickness is completely better than the type of sickness I had dealt with for many years. Mental sickness is a whole other ball game. I cannot really call how the stomach issue I am having is going to go this morning, but I could definitely call how my mental state was going to go. Stress, emotional fluctuation, bouts of extreme, physical effects stemming directly from the mental. I could see all of these things creeping in when I had the sickness upon me, but unlike the physical sickness I have today that usually only lasts a few days, I could not see the end of the tunnel with all that was piling on within my mental scape. In fact, things would usually become worse and worse the more I dwelled upon the carnage.

I didn’t know how to manage it.

It is a godsend to have medication. It is a blessing to have the experience of CBT. It is vitally important to have His Word to keep me grounded in the ways and things that feed me positives. It is a huge relief to know that God — Creator of all that is good — has walked with me through the dark that comes to me in my mind. He has shown me ways that keep me at peace, provided things I have graciously embraced that have aided in my ongoing process of learning how to manage the uneasiness of my mind, and I am constantly observing what I need to improve.

Mental health is just as important as physical, and, unfortunately, we are what we eat. I take the time to manage both the nutrients I give myself physically and mentally (although, temptation is a ongoing battle), and pray to God I can make the right decisions.

I don’t, sometimes. I truly don’t.

But, I do know that the Lord NEVER turns His back on me. He holds me up when I’m weak. He allows me to go through the pain so I eventually find out how much I truly need Him, and He provides — always. He has, what is usually viewed in my eyes as, unconventional ways of doing things, but if I had it all figured out, would I really need Him?

I’ll take my physical doo-doo today, and be glad in it.



4 thoughts on “Feeling Like Doo-Doo

  1. Long before I knew who Jesus IS, He had me praying every morning. First I’d acknowledge all those who have gone before me, then I prayed tor strength physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
    I didn’t know why at 10 years old I started this, but I did.
    There’s a verse that states “ we love Him because He loved us first” a profound Truth indeed.
    God does indeed work in mysterious ways.
    Get well and thanks for sharing this Damon.

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