What a sad representation

we are when looking down

upon a non-believer

for not seeing the love found.

What a way to show love

by scorning a man

for not seeing a need

for God and His plan.

What a good plan

to point out all their sin,

as if self-righteousness (as they see it)

is where one should begin.

Should we begin at forgiveness

when we handle a soul,

or, should we start with damnation

as rebuke takes its toll?

The world doesn’t like

most Christians, today,

because they are censorious

with the words that they say.

They say things not of grace,

or of love and His peace.

They look down on the souls

for sins that won’t cease.

Not ceasing to remember

that Christ sat with the Jews.

With drunkards and prostitutes

and love was His news.

His news was accepted

by most, through compassion.

But, just like the religious,

some needed satisfaction.

Satisfied with the Law

they hung Christ out to die.

He died for the world.

For them. For you. For I.

You and I have a choice

to reject or believe

the Law died with Him,

or, that Law is still key.

Is the key to winning souls

found in chastising a heart?

Or, is it found in forgiveness

due to Christ and His part?

Is part of you a Pharisee

and the other, a saint?

To the ones out there, observing you,

which picture do you paint?

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