Dear Friend

Dig up the awful

and dwell upon its bane.

You then begin to wonder

why you feel the same old pain.

A new way of thinking…

No, that won’t work for you.

It involves a change of direction,

and we know what pity does for you.

It keeps you grounded in your purpose.

Right where you want to be.

Your turn your head before observing

what others plainly see.

A cowardly company you choose;

the only one you know.

A befriended demon to walk with you

blocking available space to grow.

The dark one loves you dearly —

holding you, night and day.

But, let’s be real, dear friend,

You know you like it that way.

6 thoughts on “Dear Friend

  1. I think I get your point
    & what you’re saying here
    you have said your truth
    I will also keep it real
    that companion you have
    won’t let you grow & heal
    some people prefer this
    because is easier this way
    you need to remember
    you’re not a companion
    you are more like a prey
    at the end of the day
    we need to learn the truth
    align with what we do & say.

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