Observing the Obscured

I think it’s interesting to see so many people endlessly try to explain God (or the many facets of God) within their personal view of Him. All the while, existing within a reality of limited understanding, claiming to know a God they’ve never met, knowing for certain there was/is complete truth in their experiences.

Holy Spirit said to me“, or, “I know from a dream, sent to me from God, and I deciphered that dream…”.

Well, how do they know?

What’s even more interesting is the number of people who, without any scepticism (many times, whatsoever), believe the so-called, “truth”.

In the very flawed and fallen world, I rarely take anything I hear from the mouth of a proclaimed, “prophet” or a preacher who claims to have “divine messages”, without a grain of salt. They can be fooling not only themselves, but the ones who lean in with the ears of gullibility.

We don’t know if it is truth.

What I do know is truth, and, as He had answered to Pilate when asked what “the truth” was…

Jesus was/is the truth!!

Man cannot fathom this truth. They cannot explain within any word, while accompanied by any type of “help” from Holy Spirit (which could possibly be mere emotional-driven insight or a spirit not anything of god) the TRUTH that Christ IS!

Why do so many follow things: people, dreams, delusions, emotions, unknowns, etc, and call it, with one hundred percent certainty, the truth of God?

It baffles me.

If we would just rely on the truth of Christ, I believe we could have a clearer vision of His truth, far above our own, and have a far better understanding of what faith, grace and the truth of God, truly is. These things we believe we know as truth stand in the way of His unadulterated truth.

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