Preach It, Brother…

I struggle with sin.

Yes, I admit.

So, throw your stones —

do what you see fit.

It wouldn’t be the first time

I’ve heard how I’m not like Christ

from a “brother”, whose correction

is always precise.


I’m sickened by the man

whose sole intention is to berate.

Teaching the world, “that, of God”

making himself look oh, so great.

Battering the addict for their weakness;

kicking the dog when he’s down.

Scolding the scarred for their bleakness —

not wearing your same noble crown.

‘Hell, let’s leave them out in the cold,

there’s no room for the sinner in here!

Nevermind, I think I’ll pass….

I’d rather freeze than engage in faultless jeer.’


What are you showing the world?

A Christian marked by Law?

Or, a person noted with love?

Do you love the ones who fall?

The ones who cannot carry their cross

nobly, like you?

The ones who refuse to go to your business

and sit inside its pew?

The ones who drank themselves under

because their dad sexually abused them for years?

Will you hit them even harder,

or, help wipe away their tears?


I don’t like to be associated

with those Christians who sit so high

on a throne built from solid gold

blinding the weakened man’s crying eye.

I don’t care to participate

in your throwing of stone.

I don’t care to be part of a team,

and feel so damn alone.


Yes, I struggle with sin.

I’m so sorry you won’t admit

that you, too, have many sins,

and that you, too, are not fit

to pick up a stone and toss it

at anyone who claims His name.

I’m not sorry to tell you, good church man…

We are all the same.







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