Times of Some

Sometimes, it’s the setting sun.

It’s the way the tree appears featureless as the light on the horizon, behind her, is leaving for the eve.

A silhouette, left in the dark, until the light returns to brighten another day…



Sometimes, its the song.

Three single notes, pulling the fears from the eyes, as the acoustic speaks what we couldn’t say.

Taking all the we have left to cleanse ourselves of inside — finally, letting go…



Sometimes, it’s the question.

Unknown resolutions and faith in what we tell ourselves to believe.

Hoping — pleading — begging ourselves of the truth. Begging God to show us…



Sometimes, it’s too much.

Emotions and senses — entertainment, leading to our exhaustion.

Bombarded with the overboard; all that we asked for, and all that we didn’t…



Sometimes, it’s the dream.

The plans we had that went awry.

The passed loved one that comes to hang out for a bit, as we orchestrate the muddle of mind…



Sometimes, it’s life itself that makes or brakes us…





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