They Wonder. Do You?

Are you proud?

Does the way that you talk — with important information — portray an ego that forces others to avoid you?

Do you even notice?

How often do you stop to think about just how ridiculous you may look to others, even though you are, well to do. Even though you are, wiser than he. Even though you are, the good teacher.

How do you look at the world? Are they in need of your input because they are completely lost, and you have found the answers those idiots need? Do you pick up on the feedback (or, the behind your back)?

Is it part of your daily to take a look at your true self, and assess? Is it an essential part of you to talk with the Lord about the intentions of your ways? Do you put yourself aside in order to make room for the degenerates?

Are you kind, or kind of the pompous kind?

Are you happy with the way that you are? Is this happiness making others unhappy?

Can you truly put yourself down for long enough in order to pick someone else up, in a kind, gentle way?

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