Morning Minding

I know that God is real. Anyone who doesn’t see it must be completely blind.

Have you ever looked at the ground and observed the ants crafting their excavated hills — constantly doing their work in order to take care of the queen located somewhere within the ground beneath? Have you? Or, have you seen the microscopic bacteria magnified, observing just how alive they truly are? Or, have you looked out at the night skies and thought about how small our entire planet is in comparison to the single star that warms us, then comparing our sun to the infinite universe? Or, have you looked at the palm of your hand and wondered how in the world the prints that swirl around them are never the same on the many hands of all people — past, present and future? Or, how the snowflake — all of them, also never duplicated –are symmetrical and unique?

Scale doesn’t seem to be limited. Design is evident. Science cannot describe the source of all of these wonders.

So, there has to be a creator.

I haven’t met one person who can make a star from scratch, or a snowflake from nothing. No man can create an element needed in order to even begin. It already exists; it already has been created. But, I do find many who think on a limited scale. Who say that design is not evident. Who explain everything away with science.



Did Jesus know something? He sure claimed to know a lot. He claimed to be the One who began, “all of this“. He claimed to be God. He claimed to be the “I AM“.

Do you get it?

I encourage you to learn about Jesus.

As I take a look around the world that is bursting with evidence of a creator, I sometimes question Jesus. I think we all do. Was He / is He God? I always come back to a yes. But, honestly, men just about took that away.

I have had a very hard time with religion and the men who claim to have, “answers” to this mysterious thing called life. I have had trouble accepting the ways men use the Bible / God / religion / church / preaching as an occupation, to manipulate and explain, “all of this”.

Yes, it all nearly destroyed my belief in Jesus.

The thing is, men — to me — usually slowly turn people away from getting to really know Jesus. They usually encourage you to study the Bible, but they also encourage you to pay them, support them, and, in subtle ways, worship them. The focus becomes centered around religion and not upon Jesus…

and, it is so devastating watching so many fall for that crap!

Yeah, so I almost walked away from the only One who claimed to be the great I AM.

I also encourage you to find out what He meant by, “I AM”.

I think religion not only hung Jesus on a crucifix thousands of years ago, but it still has Him hanging there today. Many men keep Him up there. I truly think most religious practices are ignorant. I really think men try to strike up fear in others (and themselves) using the Bible in order to feel better about the things they cannot find a definite answer to.

Give me Jesus! Give me His ways! Give me His voice! Give me His mystery! Give me His wonder! Give me the unknown aspects of Him! Keep you warped religion, and give me a relationship with the great I AM!

As I look around the world and try to fathom, I keep the Lord through Christ in my heart and mind. I don’t get it, and I know I won’t ever get it. But, that is what faith is. There is enough evidence here to clearly see that a creator IS, and there is enough of a claim in the words of Jesus for me to put my faith in His claims.




7 thoughts on “Morning Minding

  1. I LOVE this post, Damon!
    It excites me to think of all the wonders of the universe (and beyond) and to know that it’s all down to Jesus. There are things we can and never will understand, and I’m content with that. Our creator is wonderful beyond comprehension.

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  2. Such a beautiful picture Damon! It’s funny (not ha ha) because last night I was looking around FaceBook and I had a lot of the same thoughts that you stated in this post. I’ve had a simple request of God as of late. I’ve asked Jesus to grant me grace to keep my hand in His. I wrote my latest instalment on the Gospel of John this morning and once again, it struck me how unique everything was and is that Jesus said. The long and the short of it is that God is real, Jesus is His only begotten Son, He walked on this earth and died for our sins and rose again from the dead and His Holy Spirit lives in me and with His grace I will make it to the home to be with Him. I’m just keeping my hand in His, pretty much like you are. God’s grace, peace and blessings on you and yours brother.

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