Take THIS Away…

Discipline — it’s sometimes impossible.

“But, with God, all things are possible!” I can hear it now. Someone is saying it as they read my opening sentence. And, I’m not disagreeing.

There are many things in the life of all of us that we — with all of the discipline we can try to marshal — absolutely cannot put down.

What’s yours?

My wife has so much trouble with her RA, and I don’t mean just the disease itself. Her trouble is the things the disease has done/is doing to her liver, the medication she has to take, and the measures she must utilize in order to keep fatty liver disease from becoming an even bigger problem. Doc says that she needs to lose weight. I won’t get into all of the specifics with her personal health problems, but I will add that she — both of us — once drank regularly, and heavily. It may or may not add to the problems she is having with her liver, but the current, elevated enzyme readings are minor (according to the doctor) and could be reversed if she would lose the extra weight.

Here’s the problem: she loves to eat!

I don’t know about you, but I also love to eat. I find myself stuffing chocolate in my face and eating tortilla chips and salsa in excess. I drink flavored lattes like they are going out of style. I have my own.

It’s hard — hard, hard hard — to put things away. Our brains get hooked on things and it is sometimes impossible to let go, even if we know that we should. Cold turkey is not just something everyone can do. Yes, my wife is getting her mind around eating better, because she is tired of this stupid disease. I could probably give up the chips and salsa rather quickly, but the lattes??

I am completely baffled by the people who claim that anything, “with God”, is possible to put down. I know there are things in the life of every Christian they cannot put down, and to say otherwise is a complete lie. So, put that thing of yours down RIGHT NOW, and never pick it up again…

Yeah, right.

We all struggle with the addictions, habits, the things that we introduce to our brains and get it hooked on. We struggle to let go of those things that are sometimes doing more harm than good. That’s just how we are built. I know God can — and will — help us if we call upon Him, but that “thing” we struggle with often times doesn’t just, go away.

I had a pastor pray over my wife for healing of her RA, and it didn’t go away. But, I believe God is showing her how her lifestyle changes will help her to be relieved of some of the ways she is suffering. She listens to God, but she also (like every other Christian) deals with her cravings, addictions and those things that harm.

So, I won’t ever be high-fiving the overzealous religious guy who tells me, “WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!” Obviously, people like that don’t look at the real truth of themselves.

6 thoughts on “Take THIS Away…

  1. All things are possible with God, with mankind not so much.
    The key is to get your focus on Jesus and not on one’s indulgences. I was told this by a friend when I could not quit smoking.
    As for food, I’m with you, I don’t eat to fill a void, I eat cause food is so good.
    I will start to work out before I start to diet. I’m pretty sure we could all afford to lose 20 pounds. Lol
    Most people I know who quit stuff cold turkey are prideful. Sometimes pride drive people to do what’s good, though the reasons are self centred.
    I pray your wife gets her condition manageable and hope for a miracle.
    Making mention of you in my prayers Damon.
    Much Peace and Love to you and yours.

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  2. I have similar problems as you and your wife, Damon – elevated liver enzymes and I, too, need to lose some weight (about 9 kg). I agree, it’s hard. I need to pray for willpower and self-discipline, and ignore my hubby when he brings home multi-packs of potato chips … even though I’ve asked him not to!

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