Supreme Concern

Are they concerned,

or do they only speak for themselves?

Do the teachers and preachers look in the mirror of the morning and shine;

finding a splendid way to stroke their own ego until night falls, where the mirror then smiles back at them in that evening hour of contentment??

“Good job, master. You’ve done so much for yourself.”

Looking back at your failures, you now have a way to compensate for the lost time…

with His Word.

You now have a voice to be heard–

quietly drowning out the cries of those whom you stand before at your podium of pontification.

Your mirror tells lies..

but, you believe them.

You rob, cheat, steal and pretend, and yet, you are chosen.

You chose yourself, and you choose to make the man in the mirror

a god of your own making.

Look how they cry, but you laugh at the ignorance which bows before you.

You lay your head down, just side of your mirror, until it’s time to rise and shine,


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