My God, The Gods We Make

We don’t make God our god,

rather, we make the ideas of Him our god.

We make the things that satisfy:

feelings, emotions, beliefs, and our fixes for what is craved.

The objects. The physical. The lessons learned.

We use the gods to depict God, much like the image of Him we see in Cathedrals. Like the stone figure at our graves…

We dig through the senses and formulate the graven image,

missing Him, completely.

Nothing can define His mystery; not words, not thoughts, not ways.

Why do we try??!

So many latch onto a heavenly hope defined by ideas, things that satisfy, feelings and emotions. Fixations.

The physical. The personal objectives. The lessons learned, or the ones missed.


Missing His mysterious Spirit…

Missing God.

The little ideas blind us from the vision of the God not visible.

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