Eventual Sands

His stones were getting heavy.

He placed them on the ground.

A little relief from the intensity.

He stood and studied what was found.


He took a seat next to them.

He rummaged through the stones of time.

Some were smooth and full of character.

Others were roughened by his crime.

One was stained with blood of an enemy.

Another, riddled with diamond trace.

A stone with an image of a friend.

One picked up from a distant place.

A stone of green emerald–

reminiscence in his hand.

A reminder of the home he shared–

rolling hills of distant land.

Next to it, a sandstone.

Same color of her eyes.

A gouge ran down its center.

Forged forcefully with her lies.


He picked up the stones and carried on.

He walked for many days.

Many conspicuous stones to gather–

manifested in many ways.


He found himself by the sea one day.

He placed the stones at his feet.

Looking down at all he’d gathered.

He thought he’d have a seat.

His mind soon changed direction.

He was tired of those old stones.

Breaking down the man he was becoming.

Great weight on those old bones.

He stood there at the water.

Looking down at the stones, he thought,

“What joy you have brought to me.

What great distress you’ve also brought”.

He picked up a stone and tossed it.

The next, one more, and again.

Each stone was thrown into the water.


Memories had now left him.


The rolling sea swallowed all he was.

It tears the stones to sand.

It took away those remnants

he once gathered with his hand.







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