Modeling for Church

They dress up for occasion.

They decorate their hearts.

Ugly souls full of evil

playing their parts.


Mockers and scoffers.

Holders of contempt.

Perfect reasons to believe

that they are exempt.

Hateful love.

A word of insight.

Leaving those already broken

with strengthening plight.

Eyes of judgment.

Tongue of arrogance.

Pity the fool

with intelligence.

Christ is your Savior.


Tell me again

how I am still blind.

Sunday dress.

Show them how great!

Push through the downtrodden–

they may make you late!

Service now over.

Back to the norm.

Return to the public

where you point and you scorn.

Look down on drug addicts.

Laugh at the bum.

Use Jesus to patronize

the failures of some.


They dress up for occasion.

They decorate their hearts.

Ugly souls full of evil

playing their parts.






4 thoughts on “Modeling for Church

  1. There are many people who wear christianity as a cloak to try and cover the fact that their wretched.
    There are others who like to judge all things concerning being “saved”. They’re in good standing or so they say.
    Then there are those who are quite literally brain washed to believe doctrines of men. Sorry, meant indoctrinated, lol
    And then within the four walls, a small minority are trying their best to do what’s right, but can’t for the life of them, let go of certain beliefs which keep them in bondage.
    “Perfect reasons to believe, that they are exempt” isn’t that the truth. They can show you with scripture that they’re justified.
    Who needs Jesus when they’ve got a bible and religious beliefs?

    Blessings on your day and beyond.

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  2. I had lunch with a few co-workers yesterday, one of whom is Catholic. He was trying to get to me to eat seafood (I had chicken). Yes, the doctrines of men have long manipulated the people.
    My poem is about the shameful truth of all of us — we all fall short; different degrees, as we are all different within our walks. The people–ALL of the Christ followers — are defining and judging; carrying out personal views and practices. Most of these, unfortunately, aren’t what is taught in His Word–not Biblical at all.
    Some just love their religion, while they clearly believe that faith alone is truly not enough.

    Gotta run to the building for the show! 😆

    Blessings to you and yours!


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