Inside Out

Everybody hurts.

This I know.

I’m hurting lately.

This face does show.

Not entertained.

Temper is short.

People are annoying.

Emotions contort.

Tired of religion.

Fed up with the Church.

I’m looking for Him.

Worn out from the search.

Routine is redundant.

Weather does suck.

Sunsets aren’t peaceful.

Down on my luck.

Real talk this morning.

Don’t need your prayer.

It helps to write.

Don’t care if you care.

I’ve always had bouts

of depression like this.

It’s normal for me:

these internal fits.

Thank God for the few

that truly do care.

They always show up

and show me they’re there.

If I didn’t have them

I’d probably run.

I’d travel empty handed

and try to have fun.

Depression walks closely,

everywhere–it’s part of me.

Don’t tell me you know.

You don’t know the history.

My struggle is real.

I deal everyday.

I don’t care what you’ve heard.

I don’t care what you say.

Each time that I feel

the burn of myself,

I suck up the reality;

play the cards I’ve been dealt.



5 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. We can be in a difficult spot
    we can have a hard time too
    of what life is and what will be
    big mystery, don’t have a clue
    people that truly care in life
    will always be at least a few
    we can face the traps & demons
    lies of depression and its crew
    with a community that supports
    and the love of God that is truth.

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