Keeping My Love Unlimited

The biggest problem I have with my own faith is seeing and knowing absolutely great and loving people, and being forced to believe they are going to hell because they don’t necessarily believe what I do. It’s not limited to those outside of Christians, but within the confessing community.

It bewilders me when I think about how the Lord blesses the world with so many lovely people; cute children, great thinkers, artists, writers, musicians, wonderful, saintly people of all genders, colors and races, et cetera, as I try to wrap my head around those outside of Christ not inheriting His Kingdom (according to the Bible).

Why create such beauty in the first place for it to ultimately be left separated from His loving, eternal home?

I get it: Free will. Yes, I get it.

What I have trouble grasping is why such a loving God would leave the beauty and richness that so many outside of Christianity bear, to the firey pits of a place called Hell??

Sometimes, I wonder.

Is it not a mystery???

Love them anyway. That’s what I will do. Yes, love em all. If Jesus and God are love, then I’m sticking to that, regardless of these questions I’ll never have an answer to.

5 thoughts on “Keeping My Love Unlimited

  1. This sits uncomfortably with me too, Damon.
    My dad died in 2015 at the age of 94. He was a good person, honest and fair – did a lot for charity, and was one of the kindest people I knew. But the Bible says that’s not enough … because he didn’t have a relationship with Jesus.
    It troubles me. I suppose I have to put my trust in God and accept that he knows what he’s doing. I continue to live in hope for my dad.
    I agree with you about loving everyone regardless.

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