The fragmented memories fall to the wayside

as the mind is subdued with age.

The innocence of the youth–written in chapters before–

deeply covered with numerous page.


The life once shared with the forgotten.

The days of smiles and laughter, now silent.

All of the people they can’t remember the names of.

The reason why he or she became violent.


All of it is gone–into the abyss.

Why? We cannot tell.

Thought took the final step over the cliffs of time.

Not even with a final farewell.


The elders attempt to recall all that has left them.

Nothing left to do.

The withered mind and body has forgotten

most of what it’s been through.


We all take the days for granted:

The thought. The sound. Our song.

One day we won’t remember.

In one day, it all is gone.






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